The Creatures
Some of the Demons and Monsters from my movie clips;

These fictional characters are meant to represent adult human males in costume with the varied use of special effects. In mythology these fictional character would still represent adult human males with varying racially based physique types.

The Naghast is an ancient demon god, with six eyes, horns and a stinging tail. its cock, like its face is laden with short tentacles and its powerful boney hands are itching to get hold of an elf girl, or maybe a fairy..


The grim reaper of Demons, all bones and leathery skin, ripped wings, glowing eyes and a vicious smile. A fully grown BoneDemon stands over 20 feet tall and likes nothing more than to push his bony cock into a fresh pink elf..


From the bowels of hell comes the Demogorgon, with scaly red skin and rows of pointed teeth towering about the girls with its multi jointed cock which moves with a life of its own ribbed with horns and nodules. A real horny demon. Demogorgon

The Teralien is an offshoot of the alien, with a more proportioned physique and a segmented cock, as well as a naughty tail. It has no eyes, but a gaping mouth and forked tong is all the better to taste the girls with.


Based loosely from the creatures in the Feast films, with a snapping coiling cock and vicious teeth. Whether he is a demon or an alien, make up your own mind, one thing I know is that he is very very horny. Dagon

The little Goblin, much shorter than the other towering things on here, a long unsheathed cock that he will drag along the floor before plunging it into any lustfull girl he finds, and he is going to find many here. Goblin

The Hulk, more than just legally different from the movie, this guy look like the Jolly Green Giant, not what I had in mind but still fun to work with. The Hulk

The Troll is a massive monster with a monster dick, green slimy skin as well as green slimy cum and a particular fondness for Monique. The Troll

Based after the Roswell grays, I'd always pictured them with long slithering members with a mouth and even eyes at the end, you know, so they could 'probe' the girls properly. The Gray Alien

The Rancor is a hulking alien creature with a long tentacle-like cock which has a sharp claw on the end, all the better for poking the girls with, and he does like to poke. The Rancor

Aesthetically similar to, though legally different from the creature in the film of the same name.. ever wonder what he does with that tail? Ask Victoria. The Alien

My least favorite monster, not because of the head-penis thing which makes him all the more interesting for the girls to play with, but six hands to animate is a pain. The Creeper

Large hump-backed hairy monster with scaly slimy skin, fierce claws and teeth and a long sheathed dick. The Xerr

The face-less demon, dark leathery skin wrapped around hook feet and clawed wings, only splitting to show a bloody red streaks down the sides of his huge dick when hard. Night Gaunt

A towering creature from myths and legends. Bulging with muscle, has hoofed feet and horns and a huge flexible cock, all the better to impregnate the girls with. Minotaur

A clumsy shuffling demon with a disproportionate body. Slim legs that's contrast against lumbering arms, worm like mouth and bone spiked back, its quite a fearsome thing. A slimy lumpy dick with claws at the end that can be pulled back to its hip, or thrust deep into one of the girls, and its arched back is perfect for Monique to swing on. The Scritt

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