The Girls
...that star in the clips;

These fictional characters are meant to represent adult human females with various real and mythical ethnicities.


Azumi, based on the A4 model with small perky breasts, tight butt, thin legs and very nicely proportioned frame, pale, smooth skin and strawberry blond hair. Virtual age: 19, Voice: sweet high-medium pitch.

Akumi's roots are in anime and fantasy, so she is well suited to the more unreal creatures and has already had a run-in with the Night Gaunt, had the Creepers hands all over her, taken the Scritt from behind and been thoruly examined by the Xerr. I will be doing lots of work with her in the future.


Shay, based on the V4.1 model with exquisite perky breasts, fit and slightly muscular build, alien blue-gray mottled skin and long dark hair, she also has feathery moth wings, elfish ears and quite stunning eyes. Virtual age: 22, Voice: synth medium high.

Shay's roots are part fairy, part demon, kind of a half breed, or a corrupted fairy. She fits perfectly among the horny demons and monsters, her own hyper sex drive a suitable challenge for any demon here..


Jezzara is based on the V3 model with larger more natural breasts, she has a much more muscular physique and is taller than the other girls, her smooth dark skin map red eyes and chalk white hair clash rather nicely with the spider tattoo on her back. Virtual age: 24, Voice: Silky smooth slightly low-pitch.

Here she sits on the back of the Scritt, after just taking his entire length. She has also taken on the Rancor and the NightGaunt as well as been pined down in an alien world by the Minotaur, lots more in store for her here.

Jezzara is our first Drow and so fits right in here with the creatures of Demonic, in fact I believe some kind of demonic line is forming to have a go at her.


Seytiri, based on the V4.2 model with smaller breasts, slim and tall build, alien blue striped skin almost feline features, curly tail and long dark messy hair, yellow eyes and fierce teeth. Virtual age: 24, Voice: synth medium low.

Seytiri's roots are inspired by (though legally different from) the film Avatar aliens, the Na'vi. Hot alien pussy is a new dish for the demons here, they are all eager to get a hold of this tall blue bombshell.


Serena is based on the V4 with fuller breasts and a more natural frame, slightly more tanned skin map for a good contrast to her bouncy blond shoulder length hair.; Virtual age: 25, Voice: smooth high-medium pitch.

She has run-ins with most all the creatures / demons here, she has savage sex with the Rancor, playes traped in a prison with the Scritt, poked by the Xerr, 'experimented' on by the Grey's and brutally impaled herself on the troll.

Serena is a nice farmhand character, and a good break from the more gothic look some of the other girls have.


Michelle, based on the V4.2 model with larger breasts, full shapely build, smooth tanned skin pouty lips and demon green eyes. Virtual age: 25, Voice: smooth medium.

Michelle is our new mistress, all leather and whips, and green nail polish, a demonic S&M girl for the horde.


Monique is based on the V4 model with smaller perky breasts, a flat tight abdomen, long slender legs and the cutest little Goth face you have ever seen, she has dark strait shoulder length hair and pale creamy skin. Virtual age: 26, Voice: strong low-medium pitch.

A great scene with the Troll on a couch, she rides a captive Rancor, screws the crap out of the Gray Alien, swings on the Scritt, is pounded by the Xerr and takes the NightGaunt in her ass. My favorite girl, she has fun with lots of the creatures / demons.

Monique is our Goth chick and so is excellent with all the monsters, mutants and demons, more suited to the medieval sets I'd put her anywhere that needs a strong character.


Based on the V4 model with a tight, toned figure, smallish perky breasts, white-red fairy hair and slick light skin color. Virtual age: 19, Voice: smooth medium pitch.

Very flexible model, she had to be with the Rancor. She also gets some from the Troll, pounded by the NightGaunt, prodded by the Creeper, taken up the ass by the Minotaur and trains with the Hulk  She is an elf, incase you didn't notice the ears, suitable for the more truly fantasy clips.

Our elf girl will suit the more fanciful monsters and demons but I also think she will dabbled with anything that takes a liking to her.


Gwen is based on the V3 model with full perky breasts a slightly muscular body, dark shoulder length hair and smooth tanned skin color. Virtual age: 23, Voice: shrill medium-high pitch.

Based on an older 3D design Gwen isn't as easy to manipulate as the other models but has many more morph targets to play with. A slight Indian look to her adds a nice touch to any sci-fi based clip here. She has stared in clips with the Grey Aliens, been posessed by the Troll and shafted by the Minotaur.

Gwen she is fair game for any creature / demon who wants to take a shot.


Akio is based on the A3 model, a new skin map with softer tones and a more realistic look compliments her tight thin physique. She has long red hair and long thin legs. Virtual age: 18, Voice: synth high pitch.

She is prodded by the Alien, tag-teamed by the Grays, swings onto the Troll, screws the hulk, is stretched out by the NightGaunt and hung off the Minotaurs cock, where ever there is a mythical creature with a hard-on, she'll be there, and she'll be impatient.

Akio is based on a hentia / cartoon girl and so is well suited to the more unrealistic creatures / demons, a very easy model to manipulate, you can expect to see a lot more of her here.


Victoria is directly based on the V4 model with slightly perkier breasts and a tighter abdomen, her slick realistic skin map goes well with her slender face and shoulder length red hair.  Virtual age: 21, Voice: cheeky smooth medium pitch.

Her scenes with the Gray Alien are particularly good, but she's also had sessions with the Troll, the Alien, the Creeper, the Minotaur, the Xerr and had a tity squeezing good time with the Hulk , she has been in many scenes with many demons.

Victoria is a good universal character, one of my first that suits most situations.

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